Below is a sample of a video hosted on The PE Suite but please bear in mind the quality of the video on facebook is not at high due to a lower resolution provided by facebook in comparison to the quality of the definition of the original videos.

The PE Suite hosts 300+ videos of children modelling key PE skills that can be used by primary school teachers to deliver high quality modelled examples for children to learn from in their PE lessons. The PE Suite has been used in 9 schools in Hampshire, by over 100 teachers and having an impact on over 2000 children. The improvement in teachers confidence and subject knowledge to deliver high quality PE lessons has been considerable and the plan now is to roll this out to other schools to spread the impact.

This video is just one example from the gymnastics scheme but there are videos to support all strands of the primary PE curriculum from Year R – Year 6. To support the introduction of The PE Suite videos in schools, effective PE Suite Consultants with QTS and excellent primary school experience are on hand to provide a day’s CPD training including samples of planning, health and safety guidance and practical demonstrations to go alongside the subscription of The PE Suite.

Get in touch with us for more information about how we can support your school.

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