What is The PE Suite?

The PE Suite is a fresh and innovative teaching resource that challenges children to a greater depth of learning than typically achieved in schools.

We aim to empower all teachers; regardless of age, experience or physical dexterity to lead and facilitate outstanding PE. By increasing teacher’s confidence we are providing a sustainable and economic solution to teaching motor competency.


What makes
The PE Suite different?

The principle of The PE Suite is supported by the notion that there is an anatomical and biomechanical advantage to children watching children demonstrate physical skills as opposed to emulating the movements of adults.

Outstanding Teacher Training

The PE Suite’s primary CPD training packages equip teachers with the expertise to use our online video resources to provide outstanding PE teaching to key stages 1 and 2.

How does The PE Suite work?

The PE Suite subscription provides a library of videos suitable for teaching Year R – Year 6, that demonstrate key physical skills across the PE curriculum.