Dance4Daisy - Charity Dance Event

The PE Suite invites primary schools to a nationwide charity dance event.
The Dance4Daisy campaign encourages schools to participate in a programme of virtual dance tuition culminating in a simultaneous nationwide performance on 6th April. 
The campaign aims to raise funds for 4 year old cancer sufferer, Daisy Wigginton, and The Howard Ward where she is receiving treatment.
Fun and Engaging PE Culminating in a Nationwide Dance Event! 
The free tuition will be delivered via interactive whiteboards and will bring PE lessons to life with a professionally choreographed routine to Daisy’s favourite song: Parrell Williams’s ‘Happy’.
During PE classes in the weeks leading up to the event, children will learn the professionally choreographed Dance4Daisy routine. At no cost to the schools, tuition will be delivered by The PE Suite in a fun way through videos shown on interactive whiteboards and tablets. The video will break the dance down using slow motion and freeze frame along with key teaching prompts to allow teachers to effectively teach children the dance. The classes adhere to the national curriculum.
At 11am on 6th April all the children at each school will congregate in the hall or outside and will perform the dance to Parrell Williams’s ‘Happy’, a hit known to be a Minions favourite. 
Each child will make a volountary contribution of £1 and will be awarded a medal from Cancer Research.
Devastating Diagnosis

Daisy Wigginton was diagnosed with a cancerous Lymphoblastic Lymphoma in her lung just last November. Since then, her parents are juggling child care while she receives chemotherapy and steroids around the clock in hospital. It has left the family in a worrying financial predicament and they have launched a GoFundMe campaign to help them through. Funds raised will be used to support the family in daily life and to buy equipment to improve the children’s lives on the ward, such as fridges and freezers for cold drinks and ice lollies.

Daisy’s mum, Ria Wigginton, said: “Daisy is so excited about the Dance4Daisy event. She loves dancing to this song with her sister and can’t wait to see how many kids learn the routine for her. I can’t wait to see her face as she watches it. We’re really grateful to all the schools who are keen to get involved and help raise funds to bring a bit of happiness to all the kids on the ward.”

Get Involved

To participate in this free, fun event, which will generate much needed support for brave Daisy in addition to being an excellent way engage children in P.E. over the coming weeks, please use the contact form below.

For more information on The PE Suite including examples of similar events we have held please visit:

To donate please visit Daisy’s fundraising page

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    Tutorial Video Makes Teaching the Dance Routine Easy!

    The Dance4Daisy tutorial video is available to schools at no cost. It is designed to be used in PE Lessons on interactive whiteboards or tablets for an interactive and fun learning experience. To support primary teachers the video includes;

    • Slow motion aids to master the steps
    • Step by step teaching points to enable teachers to facilitate the learning of the dance
    • Suggestions for how to adapt the dance to make it easier or harder for different ability pupils

    In just 4 weeks children (and teachers!) should be able to perform the dance in a coordinated manner using The PE Suite’s proven method of children leading children’s learning.

    The PE Suite was responsible for a similar event last year for Cancer Research UK.

    We held a World Record Attempt celebrating the theme of the Rio Olympics by dancing the Samba.

    Over 2000 children were taught the samba by their own class teachers, who used the instructional videos hosted on The PE Suite. This enabled all teachers, regardless of dancing ability, of all ages and experiences to teach their classes the samba.

    The result was a huge collaboration of 9 schools and over 2000 children and teachers engaged in a fantastic celebration of dance, using the theme of the Rio Olympics and hopefully breaking the record for the worlds largest samba dance!