Modelled examples in videos to facilitate the lesson

Primary school teachers are overwhelmed with a packed curriculum and with very little time on their hands to be able to learn how to model all of the key skills required for a P.E. curriculum that cultivates high expectations of its pupils.

One of the reasons The PE Suite was developed was due to requests from teachers for modelled examples that show the key points needed for children to learn a skill and also to provide exemplars of sequences for gymnastics, motifs for dance etc. to allow them to have a really good starting point for children’s learning.

Modelled videos provide the key starting point for children – they can understand how to learn the key skills effectively, leaving the teacher to be able to concentrate on what they do best – working with the individual needs of different pupils, focusing on behaviour management and ensuring children are engaged in the learning.

The concept is very much not to just “click and play” and expecting the videos to do all the work – the idea is it breaks the skills down and makes it easy for children to understand. Its also provides a really good opportunity for self assessment as children’s attempts at learning the skill can be videoed with IPADs and then they can make a comparison between their attempt and the modelled example on the video.

There are not just skills’ videos available – there are drills for all games, games for understanding resources, sequences for gymnastics and motifs for dance. This makes the quality of learning in the lesson higher as it gives modelled expectations for children to aspire to achieve.

e.g. There are examples of sequences for children for each year group for gymnastics that show individual, paired and group sequences. The idea is that children don’t copy these examples but they are exemplars for children to learn from so that they really understand what they have to do and can then begin to formulate their own ideas to develop their own sequences.

The concept is the same for dance – there are sample motifs linked to cross curricular themes which give a great starting point for children to take them and adapt them by varying the dynamics, speed, levels, direction to turn them into their own ideas.

This makes facilitating teaching really easy for the generalist teacher. The children also love learning from each other – they aspire to be like the children they see in the videos which sews the seed for a love of learning to be active.