The aim of Physical Education in schools is not just to enable children to competently master a range of physical and cognitive skills but to inspire children to begin a pattern of lifelong physical engagement in activity.

Memorable experiences are one way of achieving this outcome, as children will have etched in their memories times of great enjoyment and engagement that in the future will create positive associations with physical activity for them. This hopefully will encourage them to continue to enjoy being active in the future, setting a pattern for life.

Worlds Largest Samba Dance!

The idea to create a World Record Attempt celebrating the theme of the Rio Olympics by dancing the Samba was one attempt to create one of these memorable experiences for the children.

Over 2000 children were taught the samba by their own class teachers, who used the instructional videos hosted on The PE Suite. This enabled all teachers, regardless of dancing ability, of all ages and experiences to teach their classes the samba.

The result was a huge collaboration of 9 schools and over 2000 children and teachers engaged in a fantastic celebration of dance, using the theme of the Rio Olympics and hopefully breaking the record for the worlds largest samba dance!

Mastering the steps using The PE Suite

For many teachers, it was also a way for them to effectively teach dance to children. Every teacher in every school could easily access the videos to show their class on Interactive Whiteboards or IPADs. At The PE Suite we could also see teachers logging on late into the evenings and at weekends to master the steps. This is one of the great benefits of The PE Suite; access to the online platform anytime and anywhere.

Overall feedback was that the event was a huge success and a great point of enjoyment for the children. The children loved learning by watching the videos of other children demonstrating the steps – by seeing other children dancing, it made them feel they wanted to achieve the same success themselves.

The video footage from the day is currently being adjudicated so watch this space to find out if we broke the world record.

We also raised a significant amount of money for Cancer Research UK, so a good ‘feel good’ factor for everyone!

Be part of our memorable experiences

The PE Suite has more events in the pipeline to engage students and teachers alike and create memorable experiences for physical education.

To be part of these events join The PE Suite online community by subscribing your school to the resource for just £195 per year. Call us on 02392 989285 or click here to sign up.