Effective PE Assessment 

Assessment is a very important component of Physical Education. As teachers we assess all the time, without really realising we are doing it – correcting a childs technique when executing a skill or giving children health and safety instructions when we feel individuals need to work in a safer manner.

Informal assessment between peers often happens when they work in partners to create a task. Children will naturally give each other guidance and feedback to solve a problem or complete a task.

However, as primary practitioners, it is important that we understand how to formally assess in P.E. so that the guidance we do give is accurate and useful to children, allowing them to progress effectively. Its important we also teach children to assess each other effectively so that they learn how to use the correct vocabulary and to help them move forward with the next steps of their learning.

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Best Practice Assessment

Best practice is to use IPADs to record children’s attempt at a skill and compare it with the previously modelled video so that they can compare effectively. Often showing children a video on an IPAD will save a thousand words telling children how to improve as they can see for themselves exactly what their skill attempt looked like and what they need to do.

It is important however that the children don’t just watch the video recordings of themselves but that they know exactly how to evaluate them, using the correct vocabulary.

The PE Suite has a range assessment tools available to help with this:

There are assessment grids for every area of learning in PE and for every Year Group: Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics, Fundamental Movement Skills, Games

There are also vocabulary wordles to give children a scaffold to help them begin to assess each other when evaluating performance.

The videos themselves also have success criteria teaching points displayed to be a reinforcement to help children understand how to be successful – the children can peer assess using these points once they have watched the videos.

All of these assessment grids are included in the standard PE Suite subscription – there is no additional cost so that you can confidently find the correct videos you need to match the assessment criteria that you want to achieve.

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