Mambo to Make a Difference – Charity Event

First established in 2007 by qualified Drama and Movement therapists and Creative Arts trained Clinical Supervisors, Jessie Ellinor and Steph Coombes, Hidden Treasures provides therapeutic support to children in education.

They offer individual and group Dramatherapy sessions to children and young people to support their capacity to process past experiences and difficulties safely and access their potential. The aims of the therapy are to support their self-expression and confidence and enable them to be more present to the here and now of their education and lives.

Mambo to Make a Difference

The PE Suite is working in association with Starz Ballet® who have provided their Dance Starz routine for the event to raise money to provide Dramatherapy to pupils in schools in London and Manchester who have been left traumatised by recent tragic events.

Every pound raised will fund Hidden Treasures Drama and Movement Therapists to offer individual or group sessions in schools where support and positive mental health is most needed.

The Event

Schools nationwide are invited to take part in a short dance course culminating in a synchronised dance at 11am on Friday 14th July.

The PE Suite has choreographed a dance routine to Lou Bega’s classic party tune ‘Mambo Number 5’. A tutorial video featuring primary pupils performing the dance routine will be made available online to all participating schools. The video will break the dance down using slow motion and freeze frame along with key teaching prompts to allow teachers to effectively teach children the dance during PE lessons using interactive whiteboards, projectors or tablets.

On the day of the event every child from every participating school will perform the dance simultaneously.

Children will be able to make a voluntary contribution of £1 to participate in the event. All donations received will be used to provide ‘Dramatherapy’ sessions to schools in London and Manchester where children most affected by the recent tragedies attend.

Tutorial video makes teaching the dance routine easy and engaging!

The Mambo to Make a Difference tutorial video is available to schools at no cost. It is designed to be used in PE Lessons on interactive whiteboards or tablets for an interactive and fun learning experience. To support primary teachers the video includes;

  • Slow motion aids to master the steps
  • Step by step teaching points to enable teachers to facilitate the learning of the dance
  • Suggestions for how to adapt the dance to make it easier or harder for different ability pupils

In just 4 weeks children (and teachers!) should be able to perform the dance in a coordinated manner using The PE Suite’s proven method of children leading children’s learning.

Get Involved

If you would like to participate in this free, fun event, which will generate much needed support for traumatised children in addition to being an excellent way to engage children in P.E. over the coming weeks, please email your interest to [email protected] or call The PE Suite team on 02392 989285 or use the contact form below.

For more information on The PE Suite including examples of similar events we have held please visit:

    The PE Suite was responsible for a similar event last year for Cancer Research UK.

    We held a World Record Attempt celebrating the theme of the Rio Olympics by dancing the Samba.

    Over 2000 children were taught the samba by their own class teachers, who used the instructional videos hosted on The PE Suite. This enabled all teachers, regardless of dancing ability, of all ages and experiences to teach their classes the samba.

    The result was a huge collaboration of 9 schools and over 2000 children and teachers engaged in a fantastic celebration of dance, using the theme of the Rio Olympics and hopefully breaking the record for the worlds largest samba dance!