Sir Clive Woodward

Director of Elite Performance for the British Olympic Association

“The PE Suite Is A Brilliant Resource Of All The Latest Teaching Of Physical Education”

Debby Marshall

Executive Headteacher

“The PE Suite Has Had A Huge Impact Upon The Schools. The Engagement Of Pupils And Quality Of Learning Is Excellent. All Of The Teachers Feel They Have Improved Their Knowledge And Confidence To Deliver High Quality PE”

Dr Will Katene

afPE Board Member, Senior Lecturer and Subject Leader, PGCE Physical Education

“An Inspiring And Innovative Resource – A Full Video Library Of Key PE Skills That Will Really Benefit Students, Graduates And Teachers To Facilitate Excellent PE In Schools, Inspiring And Engaging Students To Learn Effectively.”

Nichola Priestley

SLT and Class teacher

“PE Is So Important For Children’s Physical Development And Mental Wellbeing. Its Really Important That As Primary School Teachers We Are Able To Support Children’s Learning Effectively And Be Confident That We Have High Expectations For Our Children. Using The PE Suite Enables Teachers To Be Confident That They Are Having The Significant Impact That They Aspire To.”

Tom McPherson

NQT teacher

“The Videos Are Really Engaging And Make It Really Clear For The Children To Understand Exactly What They Need To Do. I Really Enjoy Teaching P.E. And Am Lucky To Have A Good Baseline Knowledge Of A Lot Of Sports, But For Areas I Am Less Confident In Teaching Such As Gymnastics For Example, It Enables Me To Know Exactly What To Do, Breaking Down The Skills Into Key Steps And Also Showing The Progression In How Children Can Put The Skills Together To Form Sequences.”

Dr Vicky Randall

Senior Fellow and Senior PE lecturer at University of Winchester.

“The quality of course work from our students using The PE Suite is far higher than we have seen in previous years and the engagement in learning is far better when using this product. I am keen to support sharing The PE Suite with other universities across the country”

(Vicky also sits on The PE Expert group that has advised the department of education directly on what is needed across the country to improve teacher training. She also advises Youth Sport Trust, afpe and Sports Leaders Uk as well as advising schools in Europe.)

Emma Bailey

PE Manager, Hampshire

“This program helps with the teaching and learning in all areas of the PE curriculum. Through visual and audio prompts, it enables the skills learnt in the different areas of the PE curriculum to be broken down into individual steps, which enables teachers to feel confident in their delivery of PE.”

Penny Munro

PE Manager

“The PE Suite Is A Fantastic Addition To Our School That Enables Us To Ensure Continuity In Skills And Progression From Early Years To Year 6. The Videos Are Excellent For Supporting Staff In Areas They Feel Less Confident In Teaching As Well As Being An Engaging And Informative Resource For The Children.”

Anthony Martin


“The PE Suite Is An Excellent Developmental Tool For Both Teachers And Children. It Allows The Children To Develop Mastery Of Learning By Encouraging Them To Use The Slow Motion Features To Analyse Movement And Technique In Order To Determine The Knowledge They Need In How To Execute Successful Skill Development.”

Sarah Jeffs

PE Manager

“The PE Suite is a really really good tool to use in school. It helps teachers of all confidence levels of PE – those that are really confident, those who are not so confident with tsome of the skills that they might be teaching. Click of a button and the resources are there to use. Its fantastic – use it!”

Jan Muir


“The PE Suite Is A Brilliant Online Tool To Show The Children Model Examples, Especially In Gymnastics So That They Can Easily See Exactly What They Need To Do In Order To Be Successful. It Saves Time And Makes Preparing Lessons Much Easier As Everything You Need Is There Online And Easily Accessible.”

Alex Horne

PE Manager

The PE Suite gives ownership to all teachers. It doesn’t matter whether they are a PE specialist or a normal practicioner – if they feel nervous about teaching PE, maybe they feel fear about how to teach certain areas of PE such as dance for example, it really empowers people to teach PE to the same level.